Russell Education

TEL: 781-269-5938

"So lucky we found you! You have been a great help!"



Mother of Wellesley High 12th Grader



"We have been thrilled with Sally and I just wanted to let you know that everything has gone very well with her.  Grace's grades on her most recent progress note improved greatly in the areas of writing and reading comprehension, so much so that her teacher commented specifically about how Grace's writing has blossomed this year.  The school librarian also mentioned to me that she was very impressed with the reading material that Grace was checking out and how sophisticated her tastes were these days!  Grace has enjoyed every book Sally has recommended and it has really stretched her as a reader."



Mother of Sudbury Elementary 4th Grader

Language Arts

"I can't tell you how nice it is to be able to call you in need of support and get the ball rolling so fast. Much appreciated."



Mother of Brookline High 10th Grader


"Jamie really enjoys working with you and always says the same thing when you leaveā€¦.'Mom, that guy is really smart, he knows everything'."


Mother of Belmont Hill 11th Grader

Test Prep

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